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The Solution - I set a design challenge to improve an existing high-profile brand and chose BMW due to my love for cars. I analysed BMW's website to determine its success and identify any weaknesses, creating opportunities to showcase my design process in depth.

The problem -  BMW's website, while successful in showcasing its brand and products, faces challenges in user experience, including navigation complexity and accessibility issues. Opportunities exist to enhance engagement, interactivity, and multimedia integration for a more immersive user experience. Additionally, the website's design may not fully leverage modern trends and technologies, potentially hindering its visual appeal and dynamism compared to competitors. Addressing these shortcomings could optimize the user journey and elevate BMW's online presence to better reflect its prestigious brand image and innovative offerings.

1. Discover - Annotating all responsive states of the existing website for key user problems and pain points.

2. Discover - Observing what the competitors are doing better and what they are not doing better.

3. Discover - Collation of inspiration for Moodboard, cosisting of style, structures, menu systems etc.

4. Define - A few examples of Mid-Fidelity wireframe solutions focusing on approaching key problems.

5. Develop - Designing fully crafted solutions from wireframe state to a fully-fledged design.

6. Delivery - Showing a comparison of the old website design versus the new design as shown from (left to right).

7. Delivery - Final solution presented cover areas of solutions that cover key user problems & pain points.

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