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The Task

Context - The product ‘Comu’ was designed to help teams collaborate and communicate in order to get tasks done efficiently and quickly. It provides a platform for users to share files, create tasks and set up reminders. Keeping everyone updated every step of the way.

Client’s Expectations - The project requirements included a landing page website to promote the product and an advertisement campaign to be placed on online platforms such as Spotify and social media. This also included creating a brand identity that was closely aligned with the product and its focus on collaboration and teamwork.

The Process - Creating a visual identity that best expressed collaboration through the shape of a circle and rounded elements. The name “Comu” short for “communication” is key concept when working as a team. The idea was to carry this visually in to the brand through a rounded bright and friendly tone.

The Deliverables





Visual Identity

Comu mobile mockups showcasing service

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