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The Task

Context - RVSports is a renowned showroom in Lancashire, stocking a range of supercars to classic vintage models. Committed to helping customers find the perfect vehicle, they offer extensive services, including financing and aftercare packages. Providing an unbeatable premium and prestige experience for all their customers.

Client's Expectations - I was tasked with redesigning and producing a better brand experience that incorporated their current services and existing brand colors to improve the customer experience. The issue was that the business and website felt outdated and had difficulty attracting customers, lacking personality and uniqueness in comparison to their competitors.

The Process - Through research, I identified areas of improvement for the business to help customers find their dream car more easily. The current website was static and did not have a search function. The solution was to implement a new vibrant look, providing more functionality and clearer navigation around the site.

The Deliverable


Visual Identity




RVSports Case Study

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