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The Solution - Bythehill simplifies adventure planning with its intuitive platform, enabling users to effortlessly discover and save favorite destinations like hills, beaches, and forests. With extensive event information and valuable resources, users can plan their adventures with ease. By promoting social sharing, Bythehill enhances the exploration experience, aiming to provide a faster and more enjoyable way for users of all ages to embark on their next adventure, fostering excitement and discovery.

The problem -  Bythehill struggles with design challenges that hinder its effectiveness in providing explorers of all ages with a platform to discover and plan adventures. Issues include unintuitive navigation, poor device optimization, and a lack of comprehensive event information and resources. The absence of features to save and share favorite places further detracts from the user experience, collectively impeding Bythehill's goal of offering a faster and easier way for users to plan their next adventure.

Bythehill macbook mockup
Bythehill iconography
Bythehill case study
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