Bythehill macbook mockup
The Task

Context - Bythehill provides people of all ages with a platform to search for new places to explore. Explorers can find hills, beaches, forests, coasts, lakes, and fields, as well as information on upcoming events, resources to help plan adventures, and the ability to save and share their favourite places. A faster, easier way to plan your next adventure.

Client's Expectations - The client wanted a website that was easy to access from any device, allowing users to explore new areas near their location. This would be an all-in-one platform to reduce the need to search multiple websites and save time for planning.

The Process - After researching the market and seeing the competitors that were present, I wanted to provide a fresh and clear solution for the user. This would include key information such as weather updates and an in-depth look into the area the explorer wishes to visit.

The Deliverables






Visual Identity

Bythehill iconography
Bythehill case study

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